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The Stone Research Group combines the use of biochemical techniques with newly emerging single-molecule biophysical methods to probe enzyme structure and dynamics of protein-nucleic acid complexes. Our current area of focus is the structure and function of the telomerase ribonucleoprotein, an RNA-dependent DNA polymerase that maintains genomic stability by synthesizing repetitive DNA sequences at chromosome termini.  These short DNA repeats form the foundation of specialized chromatin structures, called telomeres, that prevent deleterious chromosome fusion events by differentiating chromosome ends from sites of DNA damage. Click here to learn more.

Lab News

  • The SRG welcomes its newest graduate student - Terren Chang (PBSE) and undergraduates - Michael Yxcot and Alie Smart!

  • A News and Views article was published highlighting the lab's recently reported crystal structure of the telomerase template boundary complex.

  • Linnea's paper was published in Nature Structural and Molecular Biology and was highlighted in a UC Santa Cruz press release!

  • Congratulations to Gabby on being awarded the Packard Summer Research Scholarship!

  • Congratulations to Alex and Noel who have left the SRG. Good luck to Alex at Stanford and Noel at the University of Chicago!

  • The SRG welcomes its newest graduate students: Christina Palka (PBSE) and Cherie Musgrove (METX)! We also welcome new undergraduate students Gabby Estevam and Gina Hall. 

  • Congratulations to Ben on publishing his recent paper in NAR.

  • Welcome to our new postdoc Dr. Shankar Shastry!

  • Congratulations to Salina and Ben who both successfully defended their dissertation research this month! The first two PhD's from the Stone Research Group....way to go!

  • Joe's paper was published in Nature Communciations

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