University of California, Santa Cruz

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry


Postdoctoral Researcher

The overall goal of the project is to investigate the molecular mechanisms for telomere length maintenance and replication.  A PhD in Biophyics, Molecular Biology/Biochemistry, Chemistry, or Bioengineering or a related discipline required. Prior experience in the area of single molecule biophysics, in particular single molecule FRET and magnetic tweezers spectroscopy, as well as quantitative data analysis using software such as Matlab is essential. Experience in standard molecular cloning techniques and nucleic acid/protein biochemistry is also strongly desired. Qualified candidates will design, execute, and interpret experiments in collaboration with other members of the laboratory as well as with external collaorators.  Additional skills include experience working in a research team environment; good oral and written communication skills; strong initiative; the ability to collaborate effectively on teams; creative/innovative thinking.

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